We will soon be offering telehealth appointments for existing patients.  As soon as the last few technical details are completed you will be able to schedule an appointment for a face-to-face video-chat visit using HIPAA compliant software.  This is perfect for any type of visit or followup that does not require a hands on exam.  When you’re too sick to come in to the office, or too contagious, we can see you through eVisit, which you can use on a computer or through the app on your phone or tablet.   We can help you out with mental health concerns, with the stomach bug or influenza, with a urinary infection, a rash, pink eye, an allergic reaction,back pain,  and many other common illnesses or follow up appointments.  If you need to call us after hours for an urgent medical need we can direct you to sign in if we feel a telehealth visit is needed to properly treat you.  You can choose to pay through insurance with just a standard office copay or you can pay out of pocket.  We will still submit your prescription to your pharmacy or submit a referral to a specialist- just like a standard office visit.  Just make sure you are somewhere you can talk privately!

Click here to go to our telehealth page on our website to read more about it and watch a video.  You can click on the link there to be directed to our eVisit site.  I recommend signing up now so that all you have to do is sign in when you are sick.

We are so pleased to be offering this to our patients and continuing to be collaborative and efficient in our health care practice.

Kelly Goodman Group